GETFIT ACADEMY is evaluated and expected to be the leading academy in Vietnam in training and providing quality personal trainers in physical education and sports. In addition, the Academy will also be a pioneer and leader in the research and application of international technologies and sports medicine in training and physical health training for Vietnamese.

  • 01. Vision

    The leading academy in the field of training professional personal trainers as well as researching and developing international technologies into the field of Fitness, Sports & Fitness in Vietnam.

  • 02. Mission

    Enhancing the physical fitness of Vietnamese people through connecting and providing quality personal trainers to millions of customers practicing Fitness and bodybuilding in Vietnam

  • 03. Core values

    Professional - Creative - Dedicated - Prestige - Fun.

why choose Getfit Academy?

Getfit Academy is a pioneer, leading in the research and application of international technologies, sports medicine into exercise, physical health training for Vietnamese people. Scientific and practical training content with a team of experienced instructors. 99.9% of students have jobs after graduation


Experienced Trainers

The Master Trainers meets international training standards, is experienced and dedicated to the profession, the training content is scientific and practical, ready to support students before, during and after the learning process.


Practical knowledge

Students are deeply studied, trained to develop comprehensively both physically and intellectually through many physical and sports subjects at Getfit Academy such as: Fitness - Bodybuilding Coach, Yoga Coach, Martial Arts Coach, Coach Golf 3D,...


Commitment to work

99.9% of students have jobs after graduation, students can work at Getfit branch or be referred to work at other centers.

Course Information

To become a professional coach recognized and respected by society, you need to find out, evaluate and choose for yourself a really ideal, reputable and quality training place. Getfit Academy is the best choice for you!

Professional Master Trainer

A team of experienced trainers, who have won prestigious awards at domestic and international bodybuilding and sports competitions, are ready to support students before, during and after the learning process.

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