Mr. Travaglini Tony

Thông tin chi tiết

  • Họ tên: Mr. Travaglini Tony
  • Chức danh: Giám đốc chuyên môn Getfit Academy
  • Chức danh: Huấn Luyện Viên quốc tế FRANCE
  • Kinh nghiệm: 13 năm

Giới thiệu

– Trị liệu thần kinh cột sống /chủ sở hữu PHYSIOSPORT VIETNAM
– C.E.O /OWNER : The Crossfit Mango, Nha Trang Vietnam
– Presenter Radical Fitness (International Master Trainer) (X55, POWER, KMAX, TOP RIDE)
– CEO/FOUNDER : My Private Gym School Le Havre/Caen City France

– Associate Certificate Inosteopathy from official & registrated Canadian School: London College of Osteopathy
– BPJEPS AGFF DEGREE – MENTION C AND D (French Professional Sport Degree For Health, Fitness And Gymnastics), with special unit Golden Age Training (GERONTOLOGY)
– HBX Certificate (Human Bodye Xercise): Personal & Functional team training certificate
– Advance Functional Training System
– NLP Sales (Neuro-Linguisticp Rogramming)
– Fitness Certificates:
Body Pump, Rpm, Sh’bam, X55, Power, K-Max Topride,Yako Combat, Sh’bam, Yakoup, Yako Bike, Yako Bounce, Yako Baila
– Fitness Classes Background:
Step, L.I.A, Body Balance, Body Combat, Body-Stepbodyjam, Body Attack,Aqua Power, Aqua Zenbum & Tum, Core, Stretching, Hiphop, Step…
– Waterform Certificate: Aquacycling
– Aqua Gym Certification: Aqua Power, Aqua Zen
– AFPS, CFAPSE, SST certification First Aid and Life-Saving certification from France
– Sport Massage And Joint Mobilization Certificate (France)
– Myofascial Therapy
– Trigger Point Certificate (France)

Kỹ năng

  • Fitness Instructor & BodyBulding 99%
  • Group X Training 99%
  • Sport Massage & Joint Mobilization 99%
  • Myofascial Therapy 99%
  • Trigger Point 99%